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  • 1972: born in Guelph, ON, raised in Acton until moving to Oakville just prior to high school.
  • 198x: Talked my parents into buying me a Commodore 64.
  • 1992: Moved to Guelph to attend U of G.
  • 1993: Started my first company outside of a paper route. Jerkwater Designs had logo'd shirts in a few shops with the tagline "Off The Mainline". Spotted that every club on campus wanted shirts made so I made most of my money brokering shirts for clubs on campus, by flyering campus.
  • 1998: Graduated from Engineering Systems and Computing.
  • 1998: Took a job at Hatch Associates in Mississauga.
  • 1998: Quit and made myself some promises about the places I choose to work. Started Core Interaction to build websites for people.

To Be Continued....