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I updated this page July 12, 2024.


I published my developing bookshelf to the main nav. I added a book cover image and link to more details through isbn, thanks to Open Library

Wood Fired Spa

I finally tried out a nordic spa earlier this year while in Tremblant and I am IN! Inspired by a copper coil I rigged up to heat the cottage hot tub using a wood fire, I'm now scheming building a backyard, wood fired spa at my place.

This idea isn't new. I've almost purchased parts in the past to build a wood-fired hot tub. I also have a wood stove and some other parts I've gathered over the years for a sauna.

Experiencing a nordic spa has now introduced a cold plunge into the design.

Taking The Summer Off

I'm starting something new this September. I decided to push the start date out tothe fall in order to have the rest of the summer off. I know fully understand why my teacher friends claim the summer is short....

I'm still interested in hearing about other interesting opportunities so contact me if you have anything.....

Coworking in Guelph (without an office)

So I'm really really close to pulling the trigger on this.....but I still have NOT, WTF?

I'm mostly out of excuses for NOT testing out officeless coworking asap. The rough pitch is here. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Another Ontario Startup Train DONE

Well that's a wrap on year 10 of the startup train. We were expected to host about 200 people on our train, in the end we were about 170 but we could have handled more. We had plenty of room across our 4 train cars.

The history is that I started a train based conference well over a decade ago. I chartered trains with VIA Rail and filled our car with people from the Ontario startup scene. We traveled from Toronto to Montreal to attend International Startup Festival(SUF).

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year happen and for those who attended!