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I updated this page June 15, 2024.


I love reading on an ereader. I love being able to easily capture highlights and notes digitally but most important, I love having hundreds of books in my pocket.

I do miss having a bookshelf. I miss looking over the books I've read and I miss friends asking me about books I've read.

So, I'm dabbling with a digital bookshelf here. I've written a python script which converts the csv formatted highlights from my ereader into markdown so I can easily include them here. I'm thinking that anytime I mention a book I've read to someone, I'll aim to list it here and send them the link. Over time, that should populate my bookshelf based on how interesting those books were for me.

Coworking in Guelph (without an office)

So I'm really really close to pulling the trigger on this. I met with a few great folks this week who expressed they are IN! When one asked me, "what will it take for you to do this?", my answer was 10 experienced folks such as yourself to commit for 3 months and to inviting a few others to join through that trial. Of course, the only answer I've received to that has been yes......

I'm mostly out of excuses for NOT testing out officeless coworking asap. The rough pitch is here. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Steal 'My' Ideas

I may finally build a 'steal my ideas' page on the internet.

I recently posted an idea on LinkedIn. I've been telling people for years how I want to build a site where I list ideas which come to me. The intent being, if someone wants to pick it up, iterate on it, shape it and execute on it, please DO!

Execution matters. If you're going to put the work in to execute an idea, it should also be an awesome idea but ideas on their own are worth little. If you can execute on an idea of mine better than me, do it! I have more on my list I can tackle.

Also, while I suppose I should call these 'my' ideas, they really aren't. If I'm the only one on this planet having an idea then it's likely terrible. If I'm reading and interpreting the same signals as many others then it's highly likely that many others are landing on the same idea as me.

Pelican Sites

I'm moving all my wee static sites to Pelican and really digging it. I'm getting each into private github repos as part of this.

It's nice to mess around at the keyboard again, moving around in bash and vi, get my .bashrc and such back in place.

Why Pelican?

I feel like I've been stuck between an html page and django for decades. By that I mean, I've built many full custom web applications in django, so I technically have those skills. I'm not a fan of IDE's or WYSIWYG editors such as wix etc. While those tools are all great, I have to learn their particular way of doing things. Then there's wordpress, which I fucking hate. I love the concept of WP but it's yet another tool I need to learn and keep up to date on. As well, because of it's popularity, almost every site I've hosted has been hacked at some point.

I don't need to edit webpages in a web browser. I don't need my websites to be dynamically rendered for every single visitor etc. Working in Pelican allows me to build, edit and maintain websites using the basic tools I love, primarily VI, bash, linux. As well, it allows me to render all those sites as simple, basic, static html pages which means they are fast and easy to secure.

Another Ontario Startup Train

I started a train based conference well over a decade ago. I chartered trains with VIA Rail and filled our car with people from the Ontario startup scene. We traveled from Toronto to Montreal to attend International Startup Festival(SUF).

The Ontario Startup Train is back for it's second post Covid year this July. I no longer run this completely on my own. I'm now partnered directly with the SUF folks, they have your tickets if you want to join. We're aiming for a lot of train cars this summer!